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Dec 27, 2012 4:00pm EST
is going on right now according to rich mcconnell. >> what we got was a facebook post from scott brown who said he was come back to washington and jumping on an airplane to review some new proposal from the president that they expected to get. the whole afternoon has been spent by reporters trying -- trying to figure out what was going on. now harry vaed responding to mcconnell so let's right to it. >> he's upset because, quote, the phone never rang. he complains i've not delivered solutions to the fiscal cliff. he's in error. we all know that in july of this year we passed in the senate the relief that would give -- that it would give to middle class americans. that -- that passed the senate. now, we know the republicans have buried themselves in procedural roadblocks in everything we're trying to do out here and now they are saying, well, we can't do the 250 because it wasn't blue slipped, because it will be blue slipped. mr. president, how does the american people retook the that? there was a bill introduced by the ranking member of the ways and means committee in the house, sandy levin
Dec 19, 2012 4:00pm EST
haven't gone that far. what i have focuses on with my colleague sherrod brown is somewhat higher capital requirements. i think that would be a much less government intrusive way to address the situation. that would either make the big banks spin off some parts of their businesses to come down in size or the taxpayer would have a lot more protection before the next bailout because the mega banks would have more capital. >> dodd/frank was supposed to end too big to fail. how come we're still talking about? >> because if my opinion it's institutionalized. hasn't end it had at all and that's one of the leading reasons i'm against dodd/frank at all. >> what's the point of dodd/frank if one of the key elements of it isn't even doing anything and the rest of it, it's not even implemented yet? >> well, you know, i'm probably not person to ask to defend dodd/frank because i voted against it. i was against it really every step of the way. in terms of what it was about, i would point to a very early quote from rahm emanuel, then white house chief of staff. he said, talking about the 2008 financial
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2